Troop 12 is chartered with the Boy Scouts of America through the VFW Post 7788 and meets at the St. Agnes Church hall.

Troop Committee:

Troop Leadership:

  • Scoutmaster: Charles Casey
  • Anthony Preiss: Asst. Scoutmaster
  • James Niper: Asst. Scoutmaster
  • Scott Skuches: Asst. Scoutmaster
  • Albert Ayoub: Asst. Scoutmaster / Web-Admin
  • Pete Ziegler: Asst. Scoutmaster
  • David Durkota: Asst. Scoutmaster

Youth Leadership:

  • Senior Patrol Ldr: J. Hutchinson
  • Asst SPL: S. Ayoub
  • Asst SPL: J. Slesinski
  • Patrol Leader (Cobras):Z. Geremia
  • Patrol Leader (Rams): F. Cavallaro
  • Patrol Leader (Falcons): M. O'Sullivan
  • Quartermaster: B. Ziegler
  • Historian: C. Ruano
  • Den Chief: N. Massey
  • Scribe: J. Byun
  • Chaplain Aide: J. Byun
  • Troop Guide: B. Cap